Hard Hitters 203: Feminism Day 2012

Hard Hitters wanted to take Valentine’s Day off to spend with their mothers, but the hard-hitting news circuit never stops. Don’t worry, folks, the Guys are back to discuss all of the most pressing issues on Valentine’s Day: KnockOut Barstool, tips for guys, and of course, the Hot GUY of the Week.

DISCLAIMER: Hard Hitters playfully hits you hard with profanity, sensitive topics, racism, the objectification of women, sexual under- and overtones, and lots of other offensive stuff. The views expressed on this show do not at all reflect the views of Northeastern University, NUTV, or even anyone involved. It’s all meant solely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy.

EXTRA SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: In no way or form does Hard Hitters condone rape or rape culture. Once again, the views, words, and images used on the show do not reflect those of Northeastern, NUTV, or the guys from Hard Hitters.

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